Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ring, Ring

I've been enjoying going through my old magazines from the 1940's. It is fun to read and explore the world as it was before I was born. I guess I kind of glamorize those days because to me it seems like it was a more romantic age. I love the illustrations and ads that I find in those magazines. Many of the products I recognize but others have gone from our store shelves and homes. It is also fun to see that stars promoted items in those days too. I don't think they were paid as much as the today's stars are paid for endorsing an item though. I've listed some vintage product ads along with some movie promo ads in my reprise shop at etsy.

1 comment:

MrFilthyRotten said...

Hi Reprise! So happy to have found your blog! There's not a time I see your avatar that I don't smile! Smoochies!

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