Thursday, October 22, 2009

See Spot Run

Those of us of a certain age certainly remember learning how to read with books featuring Dick, Jane and Spot. After I learned how to read I became an avid reader. I remember being so into a book that I would sneak a flashlight into bed with me so that I could read under the covers after I was supposed to be fast asleep.

I still love reading. My all time favorite writer is John Steinbeck. He had such a beautiful mastery of story telling that his words 'paint a picture' for me. As I read, I really can see and experience the places and people he is describing. I also love history books, biographies and historical fiction. I still enjoy reading and especially looking at the charming illustrations of the books I grew up with as a little girl. I have quite a collection of vintage children's books. They bring a smile to my face and pleasant memories as I view them. Please check out the vintage books I have listed in my reprise shop at etsy. Run Reader, Run!

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The Catnap Cottage said...

Oh, yes, I remember - See Spot, See Spot Run, Run Spot Run! I love the graphics from those readers also, have a reproduction one that I just love to look at!!Thanks for sharing!! Cindy

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