Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baseball, Apple Pie & Drag Racing.

I love old cars and trucks! Here is a little history of where that love comes from. I grew up in the 50's, 60's and early 70's with rock n' roll and muscle cars. My dad started drag racing in 1961 with a 1957 Mercury Montclair. He then raced a 1962 Volvo 122S (with the 1800cc engine) and then a 1964 Comet Cyclone.

His favorite and most successful drag car was his 1969 cj428 Cougar Eliminator. He still owns two Cougar Eliminators (the 1969 cj428 & a 1970 351c) and a very rare 1969 XR-7 cj428 convertible. Though he no long races he shows these beauties in car shows around the country.

When I was growing up I spent many happy weekends at the race track. I remember falling asleep after a day at the races with the sound of dragsters still in my head. So when I attend our local hotrod shows I am filled with wonderful nostalgia of growing up when hotrods and rock n' roll were kings (and in my world they still are!)

Here is one of the designs I created for my Reprise Vintage shop. It features close-up photographs I took of hot rod flame paint jobs. Hope it takes you back to the days when you could 'chirp' your tires through 3 gears and still win the race.

What was your first car? Do you have any favorite classic cars?


Peggy said...

Oh post pictures of his cougars! My grandpa bought me my first car in 1978 it was a 1967 cougar. I loved that car!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment

Joyce said...

My brother had a Cougar and the color was called Sea Foam green. It thought it was the best car ever and would beg him to take me for a ride.

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