Saturday, January 9, 2010

Soda or Pop?

These two names seem to be used by people in different areas of the USA for soft drinks. My family has always called any soft drink soda. We are also "Peppers". Having family roots "deep in the heart of Texas" for many generations it is just natural that we would all love Dr Pepper. Dr Pepper was created in Waco, Texas in 1885 and that makes it the oldest major soft drink brand.

I created this retro design for my Reprise Vintage shop in honor of everybody's favorite iced cold bubbly it soda or pop.

What is your favorite soft drink and do you call it soda or pop?


Anonymous said...

I like the b & w touch on this's soda to me but I remember people calling it both together as you have on the carton, "Do you want a soda-pop"? ; ) Good Luck with it. And I learned something new today about Dr. Pepper.

50sme said...

I was born and raised here in Alaska and as a kid we called it POP. I was talking with a friend one day about how funny SODA sounded and I've called it that ever since, about 30 years now and so do all of my 6 children who are now almost all grown. People often ask me "What?" when I ask for soda and then they say "OH, you mean POP!"

Bad Housewife said...

We call it "pop" here in Michigan! Great post and I love your blog!

Unknown said...

I use both equally now. In Colorado everyone called it pop. It was weird to hear someone say soda, and my wife from back east corrected me for years (still does).

Once I lived back East for awhile, I adjusted my terminology. One time a little Italian guy in a Pizzeria started yelling at me when I asked for a pop.

He said.. "POP!? What's POP?!?" When I said "Coke" He told me.. "You'll have Pepsi. We don't have no Coke.. Cokes on vacation".

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