Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reprise for Kids

At my Reprise Vintage shop, I take great pride in all of my designs, and I feel grateful that you share my enthusiasm, but I feel more than usually excited about the debut of my brand new line of infants’ and children’s wear designed by my very talented partner. The custom graphics are so incredibly, undeniably, irresistibly cute you can’t help saying, “Awww, how adorable is that!” Naturally, these great new designs adorn well-made, durable onesies and t-shirts, so that they will stand-up to all the hard wear a baby or toddler can deliver.

Of course, I continue developing my popular lines of business products and adults’ wear, and I add new designs daily. I encourage you to shop frequently, and I hope that, every time you visit my Reprise Vintage shop, you find new products to love and wear proudly. Just as importantly, I welcome your suggestions and comments. Seize the opportunity to tell me what you would like.

I wish you the very best of all good things in 2010, and I hope that Reprise Vintage designs adorn you, your children, your office, and your home as the new year and the new decade unfold.

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